Choosing the theme for one of the most important events of your life can be hard. You can only get married once and call it your “first”.  There are a lot of things to consider and you’ll have to make decisions that you never had to before. Every last detail of everything must be taken care of and checked upon, unless of course you decide your planner should do everything, but you don’t want that because it is your wedding after all. One question everyone always ask is “what the style or theme of your wedding?.” You’ll need to have the wedding style that describes your look and feel and overall represents you as a couple. Deciding your wedding style is going to affect all other element of your wedding like the theme, décor, type of reception and so on and so forth.


So if you and your partner like the outdoors and get inspired by the trees and get solitude at the forest, then it’s settled that you’re going to have a forest-themed wedding. A forest-themed can be perfect for getting the ethereal feel and at the same time being one and down with the earth.

Bobis Wedding Warehouse suggests that these elements below are the things that you should consider in planning your wedding:

1. Photoshoot

Shoots before and after the wedding are already staples of weddings now. So for photoshoots, you’re going to ask your photographer and stylist what you need. The setting, the outfit, and the flowers among others should be taken care of. And of course, you and your partner should be well-rested for the photo so get those beauty rest!

2. Theme and Style

For a forest wedding, you will literally need the forest. The colors that go well along the colors of the forest are the following: pinks, browns, and all the natural tones. You have to make sure that the colors match well together to emphasize the theme and style of the wedding. Otherwise, why did you even have a theme in the first place, right?

3. Guestbooks

To get that forest themed to your guestbook, you can use river pebbles and put them in a basket to serve as guest books for your guests to write their messages ad greetings. Leaves-shaped paper will also be perfect to go with the theme, too! You can also get papers embroider with the color scheme of your wedding and add little elements of the forest.

4. Cake

You can always ask for a log colored cake, or cake with edible flowers, or a cake full of leaves to go with your theme!

5. Dress/Rentals

Find a dress that has a vintage feel to it. Also, get accessories that have the forest feel to you.

6. Floral

For flowers, go to your favorite florist and ask for flowers that will be perfect for your reception and ceremony. Give them your vision and make sure that they incorporate it to the design.

7. Venue

To get the authentic feel of the forest, get the venue that is surrounding the forest. If you find that is free and close to your home, you can always call tree services and get it done and ready in time for your wedding.